Know These for Your First Flight!

One of the most important stages when boarding a plane is boarding, ie, getting into the plane, finding a seat, and putting luggage in the trunk of the cabin. At this stage, the crew will assist in directing passengers, especially with regard to the laying of luggage arrangements in the trunk. Make sure that you are sitting in the correct chair according to the data listed on the ticket, never sit in a chair that is not your right. Put your luggage right. If you carry an important item such as a mobile phone or laptop that you do not want to place in the trunk of the cabin. If you still need to know more info, don’t forget to read more articles.

Often, due to ignorance or due to inexperience in an airplane, there are passengers who do things that are actually endangering other passengers or even endanger the flight. For example, should not fly in a drunken or severely ill condition, or carry out activities on board that may endanger the flight. For example, forcing to stand or walk in the cabin when the seat belt light is still red. It would be very dangerous for other passengers.