Look, It’s The Range Rover Appearance From Time To Time

The demand for SUV cars that are increasing every year to make many car companies clean up and provide innovation for each of their products. It is no exception done by Land Rover with one of its products, Range Rover. Since its release to the market in 1970, there have been many changes applied to the Range Rover. Some time ago Land Rover released video evolution Range Rover for 46 years. What does Range Rover look like until now? rangerovercarhire.com rangerovercarhire.com friends must be curious about this one fleet, is not it? Range Rover Prototype 1969, initially, Range Rover named Velar. Velar’s own name is taken from the Italian word ‘velare’ which means it will be revealed. Range Rover of this type still has two doors with four passenger seats. The model is simple and tends to be rigid. Furthermore, there is the Range Rover 1970. This is the first Range Rover generation that was released under its real name. This Range Rover has a tailgate split on the back. And interestingly, the Range Rover became the first SUV to use a permanent four-wheel drive mechanism.

The era is growing, so the appearance of Range Rover also increasingly change their appearance, not only physical but also the sophistication of their machines and technology. One of them is Range Rover 1981, Range Rover this type is the first to introduce four-door body with the roof of the car seen floating because of the car body frame is hidden in the back of the glass. This design is maintained until the latest model is currently even characteristic of Range Rover, the floating roof. The model was refined in 1989 by adding anti-lock brakes in the 4WD mechanism for the first time. The next Range Rover will surely impress you because the Second Generation Range Range 1994 has a perfectly updated car body, no more boxes like the first generation Range Rover. Headlamps that were once still a circle, now have changed to square. Not only the external display, the engine is also updated, especially direct injection system on Range Rover diesel for the first time.

Well, that’s a Range Rover picture from time to time that you can see! Now no longer curious, is it? Immediately select the Range Rover for you and take a stroll in the city with a dashing and brave look!