Your Story in the Year 1980

This cinematographic apparatus was then patented in 1895. In this cinematograph apparatus, there is an intermittent movement mechanism that causes each frame of the film to play to stop for a moment and then illuminated by the projector lamp. In the early days of the invention, the cinematographic equipment had been used to record short scenes. For example, the train scene goes to the station, the children’s scenes play on the beach, in the park and so on. In 1980 many of the films are rolling rolls because they have not found a sophisticated film at the moment, but some of you are eager to watch it again. How to? You can do it with us with the convert super 8 to digital conversion.

Since its foundation, the journey of the film continues to undergo great development along with the development or advancement of supporting technology. At first only known black and white film and without sound or known as “silent film”. The period of the silent film ends in the 1920s, after the discovery of the sound film.