Things that may damage your super 8 films

The older formats can be pretty tricky for you to handle, especially for storing your precious videos in these modern days. It’s true that it can be very nostalgic to play your videos by using the super 8 format. Nevertheless, this old format can be pretty vulnerable to many things, and that’s why it’d be a good decision for you to convert super 8 film to DVD.

Even if you manage to store your super 8 films in a safe room, it will eventually get damaged little by little due to the dust particles, the humidity, and also by the heat of the room. Not only that, for those who forget where they’ve stored their precious super 8 films, they may also have the risk of losing them, while the accidental physical force which pressures your film rolls may also damage them severely. So that’s why it’d be a good idea for you to convert your super 8 videos into the more modern format, due to it will be safer for them that way.