The Difference Between Autmatic and Manual Cars

Currently, more and more automatic cars are produced, so the manual car more left behind. But there are manufacturers who do not lose a sense, which produces an automatic car as well as a manual car. When you are tired of using manual mode, you can change it into an automatic car. Then when you feel the engine is not feasible, you can search Melbourne auto parts to replace them with used engines sold by Australians.

For those of you who do not really know about cars, do you know the difference between manual and automatic cars? For cars that use a manual transmission system, the left leg has a function to suppress the clutch while the right foot is used to step on the brakes and also gas. In addition, your left hand should also be active during the process of shifting gear.

In an automatic car, only the right leg moves actively. The right foot serves to step on the gas pedal and brake. As for the left foot, you do not do any work or not work. For the left hand can also be free to do anything because it is rarely used during the process of moving the gear of the car.