How to Fix the Damaged Speaker of Your Phone

As said more and more, you can benefit from the cheapest phone in singapore. However, it doesn’t mean you will make the purchase without considering some factors. If something goes wrong with the certain part of your phone, it can be a good idea to come to the nearby repair service provider or to fix the issues in your own way. There are several causes that result in damaged HP speakers. Not just because of damage to the mobile phone system. Could be the cause is the corrosion of the speakers caused by moisture derived from sweat or hands that hold the speakers.

This corrosion causes the speaker on the phone to emit static and constant noise so it can not work optimally. In addition, the presence of dust that sticks and accumulates also often block out the sound coming out of the speakers. In fact, bad connections can be the cause of audio to be not smooth. If the speaker does not make a sound, do not hurry to take it to the service store, unless your Android phone is totally dead. Here are some ways you can do to fix broken HP speakers that can be done alone:

Dry the speakers

The first way to fix the HP speakers does not sound because of water or sweaty hands, the steps you can take is to turn off the phone first. Wait a while until the speakers feel really dry. You can help the process by fanning the speakers manually or with a fan to be more effective. Then restart the phone, try to test again whether the speakers are working normally.

Enter the volume settings

The third way to fix damaged smartphones whose sounds are unclear is by testing them through volume settings. Indeed some mobile phones have the different way of setting. For that entry go to the sound menu to adjust the choice of speaker sound. Try to set the speakerphone at the greatest level. Then, try turning on a song or other sound source to test the sound. If you hear a distorted and static sound, then you need to lower the volume. If no sound is heard, do the opposite.