Tangerang Selatan As Future Investment

To boost investment this year, Tangerang Selatan city government continues to revamp infrastructure. One of them is to accelerate the development of Serpong – Balaraja Toll which was completed in 2019. This highway access is a connection from the Ulujami – Serpong Toll connecting Tangerang Selatan City with the Regency in Tangerang. In addition to the presence of about 20 universities, including the Institute of Technology Indonesia (ITI), Swiss German University (SGU), BINUS, STIE Multi-Media Nusantara, Prasetya Mulya, as well as several government-owned research centers such as Puspitek with the number of students who reach tens of thousands of people that will add vibrant property market in the region. The development of Tangerang Selatan as part of a capital city buffer is very important so much information can be explored by looking at http://www.tangselone.com.

Of the things already described above assert that property investment in South Tangerang region can be worthy of consideration especially for apartment developers. In the long run, the apartment market there is also promising and ensures as it continues to increase the number of upper-middle-class people.