The Secret of Ceramic Coatings You Should Know

Providing care for your car optimally is a mandatory activity that you can do in order to keep your favorite vehicle still look excellent. There are so many people who do not know about car care and get panicky when their car gets scratched, so you should know that when you will protect your car from all kinds of scratches, you can use ceramic coating san diego to coat your car paint. There are several reasons why you better use the ceramic coating for your car, some things that will make you that ceramic coating san diego perfect treatment for your car is able to minimize fungus and water crust and anti-ultraviolet. Today the ultraviolet that we know is more widely used for human skin care, as well as paint your car.

In addition to making your skin look shiny, ultraviolet is also not good for your car paint. Too often exposed to your car, then this ultraviolet will damage the condition of your car paint that will impact on the dull in your car paint appearance. Coated with ceramic coating san diego then your car will be awake from ultraviolet rays that will make your car away from the dull word. In addition, the resistance to this scratch depends on how thick the layers of ceramic coating you put, the thicker you coat it will be more resistant to scratches on your car paint, but this will not necessarily make your car paint become scratch resistant only can minimize the occurrence of scratches. In the auto dealing world is usually to create a shiny effect after the polish process then the car will be coated wax carnauba or sealant, but the weakness in this wax durability is only about 2 to 3 weeks only while the ceramic coating san diego has better resistance than wax or sealant earlier and can last 1 to 3 years, depending on the thickness of the layers of ceramic coating san diego you use.