Caring for Leather and Synthetic Bags

Fill the bag with newspaper to keep the shape awake when in store. Never fold leather and synthetic bags for the sake of saving space. Therefore, skin texture and synthetic will be damaged when the bag in the folded state. Currently, many special plastic balloons are sold bags that can make the bag shape stay solid when stored. Use campers around bag storage to avoid moths or small bugs gnawing at your bag. Some insects are very sensitive to the distinctive aroma of leather bags. So the insects/moths easily find your bag, even though the bag is neatly wrapped in a dust bag. With the camphor, such bad possibilities can be minimized. Especially for briefcase skin bag by Blaxton Bags, avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time. Sunlight can make the skin test bag become dry and easy to peel/cracked. If your activity requires more outdoors, you should first apply a special moisturizer to the leather bag that you use. The goal is to bag the skin more elastic despite exposure to sunlight.

Avoid pouring special moisturizer directly on the skin surface of the bag. Many are mistaken should be poured directly into the bag, freshly rubbed with a dry cloth. Whereas pouring a moisturizer should not be directly on the skin surface of the bag. Because that way it will leave a stain of oil that will be long lost. So, just pour the special moisturizer in your hands, while rubbing it so that the moisturizer is evenly in the palm of the hand. Just then wipe the palms of the hands that have been given moisturizer to the surface of the leather bag while rubbed flat. Then, dry with a special sponge bag or can also with a soft cloth.