These are Two Types of Social Media Frequently Used Young People

As one thing that is very important and widely used by everyone. The Internet has always been a necessary thing, especially for rural areas that also need it. For that, you will probably need internet rural to be able to access the internet in the area very well.

The development of the internet makes many people end up using social media. Now, many young people are using social media for various things. There are some social media that are widely used by young people, such as

1. Facebook
Almost everybody knows and has this social media account. Its growth and popularity are so fast that it keeps everyone interested. However, there are also many that make this social media more superior than any other, such as easily connect with other links, and the many features offered.

2. Twitter
This one media has a characteristic that can only write on 140 characters. However, many people are interested in this medium because it provides convenience for various multimedia.