Typical Thai Street Food

In recent years Thailand has been increasingly ogled by tourists from all over the world. This makes the white elephant country is increasingly improving itself. One of them is with Private Beach Resort Phuket. Culinary is another supporting factor of tourism activities and Thailand seems to understand how to pamper their guests’ tongues by presenting a range of varied and intriguing snacks.

– Khanom Dispose
Khanom Dispose is one kind of Thai crepes. This snack is one of the snacks that have existed for hundreds of years. The main material is almost the same as crepes in general with coconut stuffing, sprinkled with grated coconut and roasted sesame. There is also a topping of shrimp.

– Fried insects
For those of you culinary lovers who are a bit extreme, you can try these fried insects while visiting Thailand.

– Kanom Jeeb
Colorful dumplings that tempt the eye with stuffing various meat, seafood and vegetables are also lined up in Thai roadside stalls. The bright color adds passion to the people passing by to enjoy it.