Benefits of Alkaline Water For Beauty

The benefits of alkaline water in addition to maximizing the health of our body can also be very beneficial for facial beauty. This alkaline water contains alkaline water with Ph 9 which serves to shrink the pores so that the facial skin will become tighter, remove the black spots on the face so that the face will not look duller and can also be used to remove acne and pimples wounds. For best results use of alkaline water can be combined with oxygen water primarily to treat acne and scars.

Even in Japan some manufacturers of some beauty products such as lotions, moisturizers, fresheners, cleansers and some other beauty care products already use alkaline water or alkaline water as one of their product manufacturing materials. Alkaline or alkaline water in the beauty product is utilized to restore the natural acid layer of the skin so that the protective layer will keep the skin moist and keep from pollution in the environment such as dust, oxidants, harmful bacteria and so forth. Even in Japan and in Korea, people there used to consume everyday alkaline water and also washed their faces using alkaline water on a regular basis. In fact, they often take a bath using alkaline water or alkaline water.

In addition to an alkaline water, skin can also be used for hair health, alkaline water can keep the scalp moisture so as to stimulate hair growth and keep the scalp to stay healthy and not dandruff. If on your scalp there is dandruff, spray first Strong Acid Water on your scalp leave the dilemma for a while until it dries on its own. The above explanation is how to do beauty treatments by using alkaline water for external use, while outside use can also be obtained maximally if assisted with treatment from within our own body that is by drinking water as much as at least 1.5 liters per day or equivalent to 8 glasses of water every day. Surely the best results can be obtained if the water we consume is also alkaline water or alkaline water. Benefits of this alkaline water we can get maximal if we routinely use or consume it every day.